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Our company

Our company provides services below.

To foster positive customer relations, our company IMS provides its customers with a range of support options.

We offer product demonstrations and equipment trials

To ascertain the suitability of the equipment we provide to our customers, IMS can organise demonstrations in your work environment, or, in the case of equipment requiring more complex logistics, we invite you to perform testing at our BONNEVAL site, where we will be able to simulate the load cases that best suit your applications.

IMS is dedicated to exporting

Our employees in France also speak English and Portuguese. Our sales office located in Cologne is available for German customers.

In-house Design Office

IMS masters the custom design process of its bespoke equipment, with services such as structure calculations, 3D simulation, etc.

After-Sales Service

IMS provides a range of after-sales services to support customers, with fault diagnosis and spare parts selection, and assist customers in equipment maintenance.

Logistics service

IMS delivers equipment and spare parts around the world, whether by road, air, or sea, with specific packaging depending on location.

About us

Since 1973, IMS has been offering its professional customers relevant handling solutions focused on key specialties, such as the design and production of air-cushioned handling equipment.

Winner of the Innovation Trophy at the 2003 PARIS European Handling Biennial, IMS has expertise in the field of autonomous powertrain solutions for floor surface handling of heavy loads.

Our know-how, acquired over many years of experience, supports ergonomics and businesses to facilitate operators’ handling and processing of goods.

IMS offers a range of ergonomic equipment for the layout of operator workstations to make repetitive operations easier and prevent MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders).

IMS offers industry players relevant handling tools, in particular our partner SANO’s range of stair-climber electric dollies, for motorised heavy package handling assistance on stairs.

At IMS (Inter Manutention Système), we study, design, manufacture and assemble our equipment in-house to master product quality.

IMS is a business unit of the French group IMS Extension.

IMS and its 15 employees are located in Bonneval, Eure-et-Loir (Centre-Val de Loire region, France).

We operate in France and Europe.

View of the entrance to the IMS company
Start of production

Our company IMS Manutention

Our company IMS Manutention provides products below. 

IMS designs, manufactures and implements standard or customised omnidirectional, turnkey air-cushioned handling systems on site.

Air cushion modules may be fitted to existing structures for transport purposes; in the case of exceptional handling operations, they may be placed directly under the load.

Pressure in the air cushion modules is increased until they lift the load and an air film is established between them and the floor surface; for this process to succeed, surface must be smooth and watertight. (Click here to see surface specifications.)

The load thus floats on a film of air, with almost no friction; as a consequence, it is easy to moveand position heavy loads with very little effort, and in whatever direction.

Image for Video Air-cushioned handling - Arcueil-Cachan station

IMS also creates electric micro pusher-tractors.

First, IMS micro pusher-tractors are autonomous, manoeuvrable, and compact, for effortless rolling load handling.

IMS designs micro pusher-tractors for all types of large rolling loads, as well as roll kickers to move cylinders (e.g., cable reels, paper reels, or vehicle tyres), in complement to our motorised, electric propulsion drawbar.

Then, IMS also offers motorisation kits for retrofitting specific, existing rolling equipment that needs to be fitted for powered displacement.

IMS MC range pusher-tractor

IMS Manutention also offers ergonomic workstations.

IMS specialises in the design and installation of ergonomic operator workstations

Ergonomic operator workstation fit-outs

These options were designed with the aim of improving operator workstation ergonomics, to prevent MSDs.

To address the variety of industrial environments, IMS products accomplish the four essential, universal movements of:

  • Elevation – lifting a load
  • Tilting – angling a load
  • Rotation – orienting a load
  • Mobility – moving a load
  • Combined Functions – Elevation with Rotation – Elevation with Tilt – Elevation with Tilt and Rotation
Rotation with an IMS turntable

Load carriers distributed or made by IMS.

IMS is the exclusive France distributor of LIFTKAR stair-climber dollies developed by SANO.

In addition, IMS offers a range of innovative handling assistance tools for daily load handling needs.

IMS forklift with electric lift in a confined space
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